Evas Arche und der Feminist


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November 16, 2008

installation ken okiishi

performance bettina koester (malaria!)

soup spicy lentil (dal)

September 21, 2008

painting  elizabeth peyton

performance  palms

projection  colin whitaker

soup  spicy greens

June 29, 2008

installations by ellen altfest, gloria maximo, glynnis mcdaris, isabel asha penzlien, jocelyn hobbie, joshua smith, joyce kim, patricia iglesias, patterson beckwith, marlous borm, matt keegan, matthew higgs, michael portnoy, rob pruitt

performance by blanko & noiry
watch video : here

soup  zucchini

June 1, 2008

installation by josh tonsfeldt

performance by bow ribbons

soup  yogurt-radish
May 4, 2008

installation by pernille kapper williams

performance by falke pisano

soup  potato kale


March 30, 2008

(the night after last of passerby)

installation by gavin brown

performance by rirkrit tiravanija

soup  black beans


March 2, 2008

britney  by andro wekua

elvis '58/'92 by jonathan horowitz

soup  chick pea-leeks

January 20, 2008


installation by

nikolas gambaroff and matt sheridan smith

performance by john giorno

soup roasted red pepper